What You Need to Know About Fitness Packages

You may notice that across the Services page we talk about achieving your goals in a realistic time-frame. This is not because we couldn't think of an appropriate synonym so that we weren't repeating ourselves - but because it's something that is really important to us.

In the fitness industry there are too many providers who want you to loose X kilograms in Y weeks!!! or look great just in time for summer when summer is one month away even though there is plenty of research out there to tell us that trying to achieve weight and fitness goals too quickly can lead to unrealistic expectations, unsustainable progress, loss of interest and physical injury.

This is why at JL Fitness WA we don't offer generic personal training packages or sell a "10 personal trainer sessions package" - because they both imply that your goals can be reached by the end of the package which no one can be sure of without first talking to you.

So we would rather run through an initial consultation and go through your goals, expectations and limitations and develop a package that is reasonable for you. We will run through the options with you including the pro's and con's (e.g. how many times we meet a week and for how long) and go from there. Our aim is not to sell "another 10 sessions" but to help you enjoy reaching your goals in a reasonable time-frame without injury.


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