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We strive to provide people with the tools to put the fun back into fitness for the whole family. We want to support everyone in achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle, and to achieve their goals in an enjoyable way.

Personal Training

One on One Sessions

For a very focused start and management of your fitness journey One on One sessions with our trainers are a great choice. During the initial consultation, we aim to understand what your short and long term goals are and we run industry recognised health and fitness screens. This allows us to develop programs specific to your needs - one that allows you to reach your goals within a realistic time-frame whilst ensuring that any program developed is fully suitable to your level of health and fitness. Individual Personal Training allows us to review posture and identify any key imbalances. This allows us to correct underlying issues before they become reinforced.
Personal Training sessions are held outdoors unless a gym training arrangement has been made. If an outdoor session is scheduled it may be moved into a recreation centre in the case of bad weather or extreme heat.

One on Two Sessions

If you're after a tailored approach, but would like to share the experience (and the cost) with a friend - than the one on two session is a great option. Similar to the one on one training the initial consultation looks at your and you friends goals and fitness goals and a custom program is developed for each of you and allows you to focus on reaching your goals in a realistic time-frame.

Fitness Consultancy

Fitness Appraisal and Screening

For those who are not sure where they want to go or what services they are after, fitness consultancy may be the right starting point. During one of these sessions we complete a fitness appraisal and pre-exercise screening and go through your medical and exercise history to understand where you are starting from. We can then work with you to define your short, medium and long term goals and understand your exercise preferences and your learning style. Once we have collected all this information we can provide an independent recommendation regarding your next steps. This might e a referral to your GP or another health professional for additional services, or to a fitness professional who specialises in achieving your goals.

Program Writing

If you are great at keeping to an exercise regime but would like some professional help on setting up a program to reach your goals then you can make use of our program writing service. Following an initial consultation where we go through your goals, expectations and limitations we can define a program that will help you meet your fitness goals.
Please note that in order for a program to continue to be effective and interesting, fitness re-assessments and program updates every 4 - 8 weeks should also be considered. This is why we offer a DIY Exercise Planning package that includes an initial consultation & program writing, 4 reassessments and 4 program updates.


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