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After years of dreaming of a career where I could help people directly and a number of bad experiences with the available fitness service offerings out there I decided to get back to my original career and created JL Fitness WA. I simply believed there had to be a better way to help people achieve their fitness goals, and provide a level of care that many personal trainers no longer seem to have.

Our Ethos

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    Enabling our clients

    We strive to provide help and guidance for people to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle, and to enable them to achieve their goals.

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    Establishing regular habits

    For many of our clients establishing regular exercise habits is half the battle. Everyone is so busy these days, it can be very hard. That is why everything that happens at JL Fitness is by appointment; that way people don’t “put it off until tomorrow”, and why the programs used are updated regularly – to keep you engaged.

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    Impartial advice

    We strive to provide impartial advice, with the objective of getting more people to enjoy staying healthy. We’ve all heard the saying “no two people are alike”, well, we don’t even respond to exercise in the same way, or respond to an instructor in the same way. We believe it is critical to identify early, the type/format and instruction that each person responds to and finds enjoyable allowing them to continue to improve their fitness.

Why choose us

Choice Magazine released a Personal trainer buyers guide with a number of questions that you should ask when deciding on hiring a personal trainer.

Here are our answers.

How long have they been working as a personal trainer?

Originally qualified in the UK 2006. Re-qualified in Australia 2017

What sort of clients have they had/do they have, and what sort of results have they helped them achieve?

Wide range from young athletes, post pregnancy, some see us for consultancy only and we recommend a PT that is more suited to their goals.

When are they able to exercise with you, and do these days/times suit you?

We have a number of sessions throughout the week to fit in with our clients busy lifestyles.

How much does it cost per hour or session (per person if there are two or more of you)? Are there packages available? If the session takes place in a gym, does the fee include entry to the gym (unless you're already a member)?

Please refer to our pricing page.

How do you pay (cash, credit card, direct debit etc) and how often (by the session, or do you have to commit yourself to paying for a block of sessions)?

Payments can be made by, cash, credit card or bank transfer.

How much does the initial consultation cost? Is there a complimentary workout session (or a discount on the first week, say) to establish whether you suit each other?

There is no initial consultation for group classes. However for personal training or small groups , private groups/1on1 $80.

How much notice do you need to give for cancellation, and what are the penalty fees?

Please see the Cancellation page for details on the cancellation policy.

What sort of exercise options do they offer? Is it based in the open air (local park or beach), at your home or in a gym?

For our exercise options please see our services page. Generally group classes and individual sessions are expected to be undertaken in a park within the Wanneroo Council. In the event of bad weather (extreme temperatures, rain or storms) the sessions may either be moved into a recreation centre space or be rescheduled for another time.For individual sessions, upon request, the sessions may be undertaken at a gym in which case gym entry fees will apply.

Are they registered and are they qualified in first aid and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR)? (Being up-to-date in these areas is a requirement of registration).

All trainers are registered with Fitness Australia. They are also all certified in Providing First Aid and performing CPR.

How long is a session? What do you need to bring?

Group classes run for 55 minutes. Individual sessions can run for either 30 or 60 minutes depending on what is required, however initial consultations for personal training are always 60 minutes.

What you need to bring will depend on the class / session type. Generally a water bottle, towel, sports clothing and sports shoes are required and a yoga matt is an optional item. For consultation/fitness appraisals it is requested that tight fitting clothing be worn.

Our Services

Personal Training

Get the most out of an individually tailored program specific to your needs

Fitness Consultancy

Independent consultancy to help you find the exercises and professionals best suited to your individual needs to help you achieve your goals.


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